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Hurley Davidson announces new bikes for 2009 and 2010

Hurley Davidson, famed for its mopeds, is to step up a gear and produce a fully blown touring scooter for the 'modern man' . The 2009 tourer will feature an engine, wheels, and handlebars, and 2010 will see the introduction of the seat.

Future versions are likely to be with four wheels and an all weather cabin. Famous Harley riders including Elizabeth Taylor and Pamela Anderson, who rode the phallic 'purple passion' are eager to mount the new bikes and think the four wheel version might catch on.

Rival Sir Clive Sinclair has dismissed the new vehicles as a waste of time and will not enthuse the bike riding public as much as his revolutionary C5, which is due for re launch at Brighton Birdman Festival.

An idea insolvent motorcycle journalist working for Top Gear could not find adjectives, pronouns or adverbs to comment due to thought drought.

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