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Gordon Brown hires production team and cast of neighbours

Labour have said they need to portray a modern and upbeat image to suit the charisma and moral values of Mr Brown.

Neighbours, a popular soap for mindless people, is seen to be a model for the Labour Party as there are a number of similarities, neither are taken seriously. They both have had the same old storyline for over 20 years despite the numerous character changes.

A spokesman for the production team has said they are actively writing the script for the next cabinet meeting and Caroline Flint will be having an on / off relationship with the press. George Bush is going to play the baddy turned good.

Official statement will be made before the elections in July 08.

All articles on this blog are untrue and fabricated. Any similarity to persons, dead or alive, is totally fluky or is intended simply as a satire, parody or spoof.

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