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Hornby to buy British Rail

Hornby to buy British Rail

The government has changed track and announced the sale of all of the rail transport system to Hornby.

Hornby who are the countries oldest and most profitable transportation companies and have acquired a number of transport industries in the recent past are said to be delighted to take ownership of the worlds worst rail system.

Alex (clickty-clack) Johnson arrived on time to make an official announcement at Waterloo Station.
“We are delighted and honoured to now create the ultimate railway across the nation and we will provide a service the British public deserve”
He went on to announce the introduction of new passenger rolling stock, the Devon Belle Coach, complete with toilets, refreshments and opening windows. The new carriages will be pulled by the new BR 0-4-4T locomotive.

Rail passenger groups based in Southport England are to rename themselves the ‘Hornies’ and have made advance bookings for the first journey provided by Hornby.
Bob Crow has said; 

“My members are not here to serve the public or are they required to ensure trains are clean and on time for health and safety reasons”

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