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Tour de France cancelled

Tour de France cancelled

The Tour de France is to be stopped a week early. Tour officials have said in an emergency statement today of a severe shortage of drugs for the cyclists this year and stocks are running dry.

Stocks of 19-norandrosterone, EPO and a number of various steroids are not available in Europe or USA, a spokesman for the ‘back street laboratories inc’ said they were at full stretch but the Olympics was the main customer this year (and more profitable).

Team bosses have said sildenafil citrate is still available, but causes more problems as most of the cyclists are very frisky and get no sleep.  Loyal supporters have come out in support of the cyclists and have promised to line the boulevards with drug feeding zones.

The World Doping Agency (WADA) warned against such practice and told the racers not to be so greedy as they have had their share over the years.

It is expected the tour will resume next year in Zimbabwe after the Rugby 7s World Cup in Harare.
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