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Wendy Alexander is to challenge Gordon Brown for leadership of Labour Party

Trout pout Wendy who is thought to be a close friend to Gordon has revealed that she wants his job.

Wendy Alexander has also got a number of key Labour losers backing her.

Harriet Harman, Labour Deputy Leader said, "She is strong champion of Labour, and above all for women"

Des Browne (Gordon's cousin), Scottish Secretary remarked, "A woman of no talent and I have to say of the lowest integrity"

Nigel Griffiths, A Labour MP for Edinburgh declared, "She is one of the outstanding political thinkers of her generation. I thought she showed really good leadership. Her speeches and her ideas have helped destroy policy"

Wendy is like a whirlwind getting from one meeting to the next and she can talk just as fast as she can run. Wendy knows all about balancing work and failing to register donations and it certainly shows.

Ms Alexander's minders issued a lengthy statement, the first part referrers to her challenge for the leadership of the English Labour Party.

The second part refers to her vision which focussed on four main themes:
  • A competitive yet compassionate donations policy;
  • People focused public services;
  • Empowering institutions and not people and communities;
  • Scottish solutions for English aspirations.

Ms Alexander added before departing, "Hiking Income Tax for every working man and women and then passing the proceeds on to local MP's, will be good news for democracy"

Gordon Brown was unavailable for comment.

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