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Shell drivers backed by Stalinist's

According to secret documents found on a number 16 bus in Scunthorpe, the Shell drivers who are currently on strike are backed by Arthur Scargill.

Scargill who is loved by the miners and unions but despised by the Tories, gave a long winded speech blaming Margaret Thatcher for the current problems.

Supporters of Scargill are rallying around to give support to him and the Shell drivers strike. Long time friend Gordon Brown agreed that the strike was a direct result of the Conservatives miss management, Sion Simon, the other half for the folk group the pair set up, The Funkles, said 'Art' (Arthur) was the only one to bring justice to the British working man. George Galloway has joined the picket line and has declared he will stay there until they resurrect and reinstate Mr Hussein.

Brown has stated he will not be taking any active part in the dispute as it was a domestic issue, which should be left to Shell and it contractors to discuss and resolve. When Brown was asked on the fuel shortages and the increase in price, he replied; "More use of coal should be explored and coal fire steam engines could be used as a main form of transportation"

It is unclear how many coal mines should be opened as the yet to be employed miners have already gone on strike in sympathy with the Shell drivers.

All articles on this blog are untrue and fabricated. Any similarity to persons, dead or alive, is totally fluky or is intended simply as a satire, parody or spoof.

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