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Professor claims Cockney Rhyming Slang was invented by the Welsh

Professor Richard Aaron's secret and unpublished journal on the Efrydia Athronyddol has revealed startling facts that the rhyming slang first started by a Welsh poacher in the 5th century AD, who was late home for his dinner.

The poachers wife asked "Ble oeddet ti am unarddeg o'r gloch neithiwr?" to which the happy coracle paddling poacher replied "Ro'n i'n meddwi 'da ffrindiau"

Geoffrey of Monmouth came to hear of this and immediately endorsed it as part of their culture. It took until 1838 before this was challenged by Lady Charlotte Guest who claimed a new coded language had been found in the East End of London and was developed by a local lost tribe of Costa Mongers.

Aarons journal has now changed all previous claims and is absolute proof that Cockney Rhyming Slang should now be referred to Welsh Rhyming Slang.

Famous Cockneys Dick Van Dyke and Audrey Hepburn are shocked by this new revelation and feel as if their heritage has been taken from them.

Windsor Davies was not so shocked and said 'It could just be a simple case of the Welsh emigrating into the East End many years ago and bring the slang with them.

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