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All Blacks to be renamed - All Buhdunno's

The formidable force in international rugby, the All Blacks are to be renamed the All Buhdunno's after recent Intelligence Quotient tests.

Rugby over the years has got faster and more sophisticated in the game plan. Players have had to start to think quick and remember complicated game play as well as the rules.

Graham Henry was told to get his act together by Steve Tew for the forthcoming games as there were frequent errors in game plan. Club doctor Andrew Rob said most of the team were either stupid or just plain thick.

Richie McCaw demanded an apology and said his team could pass any intelligence test they were given, the gauntlet had been thrown. James R. Flynn was commissioned to do the IQ tests.

The attempt to measure the All Blacks mental agility was complex but used Mensa as the standard. The combined score of the whole team was an IQ of 20 and when the coaching staff and board members were included to raise the IQ level, it actually fell to 8.

Scientist have indicated that years of abuse from alcohol and fighting has taken it toll and would be unlikely the intelligence would improve amongst these New Zealand rugby players.

Steve Tew admitted defeat (again) and said a more appropriate name would be the All Buhdunno's.

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