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Death by Electrocution or Air Conditioned Tube

A new air conditioning system has been tested on deep mine shafts in South Africa. It is thought that this system will be ideal for the deep lines on the London Underground.

Bob Boer the principle engineer for the Rhodesian Mining Corporation said it took ten years to develop and get right, but was now ready for full time service.

Tube lines such as the Northern and Piccadilly can now be cooled. The system is not thought to be costly to buy, but installation will be difficult and some tube trains may need to be modernised.

The heat exchanger is large pools of chilled water in containers fitted to the tracks and roof and when the train passes by the water is splashed all over the train and in turn taking the heat from the carriages.

Rail experts have dismissed the system as the water would come into contact with the live rail and would most probably electrocute everyone in the carriage. Mr Boer has dismissed these claims as the system had been fully tested on South African miners and as long as you are wearing rubber boots it is totally safe.

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