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Go Nude to Toughen Up

Go Nude to Toughen Up.

Ministers in DEFRA have supported Jake Ulrichs comments on adapting to climate change and rising costs of energy, although they have added more detail.

MP’s Hillary (Big) Benn and Joan (Razor) Ruddock made a joint statement at Sussex University.

“The working classes of Great Britain have been pampered over the past century and have become soft and cannot cope with a few hardships anymore”
They went on to attack the middle class by accusing them of living in isolation from reality and using vast amounts of energy in the summer to keep cool with air conditioning and in the winter using more precious resources to keep warm.

Their advice, which is supported by Al Gore is simple, go nude. By going nude the body will start to acclimatise  and require less energy and clothing to heat or cool. The advice will be supported by a new Act of Parliament,

Friends of the Mud and the Naturism Society have welcomed the new initiative and will hold an official launch at the Mile High music festival where they will all strip.

The Mary Whitehouse appreciation society will be opposing the new Act and feminist groups have stated they will be keeping their clothes on.

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