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Celebrity makeover girls sacked

The popular presenters of the BBC television series, What Not to Wear, Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine have been sacked and replaced by Ruth Kelly and Ann Widdecombe

Fashion gurus have said it been a long time coming as the pair had lost all sense of reality a long time ago. Despite the criticism, Trinny and Susannah have said they will still be advising the rich and famous on fashion, Victoria Beckham and Nora Batty to name a few.

Ruth and Anne said they will jump with joy, when they come down a few sizes, to celebrate their new jobs. They went on to say the auditions were very tough as there were a lot of others applying for the position.

Among the losers was a bitter Wendy Alexander she said "Its always the bimbos with no brains that win these competitions". Hazel Blears who came in third, was slightly more diplomatic with her response "Ann and Ruth have had so many rejections in the past, it was time they won something"

The new show will be broadcast on Christmas Day 2008 immediately after the Queens speech. Applications for a makeover should be sent as soon as possible as there are no places left.

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