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Obama is to declare war on Germany

President non elect, Barack Obama, will in a speech at the Victory Column in downtown Berlin declare a war on German inflation and then repeat his intention of war to the rest of Europe later this week as he visits France and England.

The speech at the 'Siegessaeule' a popular venue for the 'Love Parade' and very near to the symbol of the Cold War, the Brandenburg Gate will have tight security and be policed by the Dirlewanger Brigade.

Andreas Schockenhoff of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats said "We have already met with the English and have made a decision to, unite and comply with all of the Americans demands"

Political annalists have said this pact between the English and Germans will mean the Americans will concentrate their efforts on the French and they are most likely be bankrupt by the end of September. A reliable source has indicated this is a planned action as no body really cares about the Frenchies.

Political analysts from the Bild said "People here see him(BO) almost as another political oddity after seven years of Bush" they went on to say it was more of the same except instead of declaring war on the Koreans, they have taken the softer option by having an all out trade war and the French will be taking the full impact.

There has been no response from the French government as they are all on holiday.

Running mate Joe Biden has been hired today to shore up Barack Obamas weakness — inexperience in office and on foreign policy

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