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Boris Johnson and Abi Titmuss to host holiday show

A new holiday program to appear on the Boring Broadcasting Company's prime time evening slot this autumn, will star Boris Johnson and Abi Titmuss as co-presenters.

The holiday show is not aimed at 'chavs' or other peasant types, the main focus will be on high end and expensive holidays abroad but Boris and Abi will make comparisons with traditional English holiday locations.

The first program will be a straight competition between Bognor and Bangalore. Boris will be going to Bognor as he has close associations with the gay folk of Bognor and gave them their motto 'Bugger Bognor' which seems to have stuck.

Meanwhile Abi will be banging in glorious Banglore, both will be wearing head cams and linked live to a dead studio audience and straight to a dedicated website, buggerbognor.dot

The shows producer Sophie Monk is excited with the new venture but is worried the show could get a little out of hand and be put on at a later time in the evening. She has also revealed Johnny Rotten and Kele Okereke will be doing the same for the US version and also performing a live duo.

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