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New tax on Social Networking Users

Big brother is already here, our every movement is followed by countless cameras. GPS and other tracking devices can record our travels. The latest can capture conversations from thousands of chatrooms and bulletin boards, and it all comes at a cost.

Where there is a cost to government then there has to be a tax opportunity. The latest stealth tax will be on the use of forums, bloggs and social networking sites. Not on the ISP or the webhosts but the users.

Each registered user is expected to pay a yearly tax, it is thought to be around £1. If you consider that of the 100 million accounts on social network websites, 10 million are UK users.

7 million from the UK on Facebook, 6 million using StumbleUpon, and its reported 50 million blogs have been created. The cost is already £163 million. Now consider all the others, countless forums. The total revenue is likely to be in excess of £200 million, no wonder the treasury is taking it seriously.

The little darlings at the treasury have been brown nosing it with the association of web hosts, as they are expected to collect the new tax. Web hosts have indicated it will cost £2 plus VAT in administration charges to collect the tax from the users.

The final reading of the bill will be on Monday 19th August.

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