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Iceland invades Zimbabwe

In a secret and unprecedented move by the Republic of Iceland, an invasion has taken place on Zimbabwe. This is the first war the Icelanders have been in since the 'Cod War'.

Prime Minister, Geir H. Haarde who is also known as Gerry Hard said "The low price of ice, reduced availability of icebergs through global warming and the Zimbabwean Government not paying its bills for ice delivered in 2007, has forced us into this position"

The Icelandic Coast Guard carrying units of the Víkingasveitin armed with harpoons and dry ice have laid siege to the House of Assembly in Harare. There has been no direct reports of the conflict as most of the worlds press and media are banned from Zimbabwe, apart from 'Sky News Reporters' who have reported no incidents as most have been down the pub.

Björk Guðmundsdóttir the opposition leader and leader for the, Vikings Are Nice Party (VANP) said "It was not necessary to invade, we could have just sent them some of my albums"

President Mugabe was unavailable for comment although close aid Paris Hilton said "Everything is under control"

All articles on this blog are untrue and fabricated. Any similarity to persons, dead or alive, is totally fluky or is intended simply as a satire, parody or spoof.

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