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Funny car driver laughs his head of

Funny car driver Elmer JJ Chickenshack Junior, today lost his head after a bout of somatisation. The bizarre accident happened just before Elmer was to get in his competition yellow, Honda powered dragster.

Witness who saw the myspace favourite just before the bout of really funny hysterics said he looked happy and was full of joy.

Alli Zoloft and overweight depressive was upset because he thought he might start laughing too and was about to complain when Elmer's head started to rotate at the neck, the laughter got louder and louder the head accelerated faster than his funny car. Then in a cruel twist of fate, the head dropped of.

Yaz Cymbalta from Misery, Missouri the duty paramedic, tried in vain to put Chickenshack back together again but sadly failed.

Fans of the star racing driver are to attend an all night vigil at Starbucks and moving on to Pizza Hut for breakfast.

Race organisers will be holding a special trophy race in honour of Elmer next week called the 'Chickenshack Bipolar'

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