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Basingstoke Town FC sign Joey Barton

Basingstoke Town football club have today announced the signing of Joey Barton when he leaves prison.

The club secretary who was not available for comment said "Joe will bring some excellent street fighting skills to the club. We plan to role out these skills not only to our apprentices and juniors but to all our fans as well"

Stoke supporters have welcomed the move and intend to be outside Parkhurst prison on Bartons release date and hope to provoke him into a fight - "we need a role model that can walk the talk," said Bert the groundsman.

Club sponsors 'Hello Kitty' have given there approval and plan a new advertising campaign where Naomi Campbell and Joe team up to beat up some officials. Company press release stated, "Tokidoki was to tame and needed spicing up, Hello Kitty, Naomi and Joey are a peeerfect combination"

Airport staff / referees and team mates and friends are going to be main targets. Club sponsors stressed it will be light hearted and mainly for fun.

David Beckham said this is a sad day for the beautiful game of 3 halves and is considering his next move.

Radio 5 presenters are expected to go to Lincolnshire to find Basingstoke as they have not heard of the team and do not know what league its in.

Retired football pundit Alan Hanson gave this stark warning - the end of the world is nigh.

Breaking news - Kevin Keegan buys Newcastle United and requests Joe to be returned....

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