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Ping Pong to be renamed for the Olympics

In an ongoing argument that has lasted centuries has at last coming to an end.

Mr Wo Whata Pong of Guangzhou has claimed he has title and ownership of the game of 'Ping Pong' as it was invented by his ancestors and was a combination of names, though the marriage of Ipconfig Ping and Wiff Pong.

The game started with bats made from old dough making spatulas and covered in the skin of the recently executed, the ball came from the same source but was covered in tar to prevent the nuts from cracking.

The game caught on fast and was soon exported to Europe where it was renamed table tennis, but was often referred to as Ping Pong.

The Olympic committee has conceded that it has not sought permission to use the name Ping Pong nor has recognised that the sport was owned by the Pongs and has paid an undisclosed sum to the Chinese Government who have promised to compensate the Pings and the Pongs.

Notes for editors;

Table tennis no longer uses the parts of dead people, and Boris Johnson is talking a load of Wiff Waff.

All articles on this blog are untrue and fabricated. Any similarity to persons, dead or alive, is totally fluky or is intended simply as a satire, parody or spoof.

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