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BBC in hands of the Official Receivers

The Boring Broadcasting Company has had to admit defeat as it no longer had the resources to pay any of its staff or fund any further outings or lunches for its reporting staff.

The BBC have been pleading poverty for years and has asked the Government to rip of licence-fee payers to fund its bad management and expensive expense fund.

The expense bill is high and is estimated to be around 75% of its total income, leaving 20% for wages and 5% for new programming and reality shows.

The Official Receiver has told creditors, including Ascot Races, Wimbledon and Around Britain power boat race organisers, that there is no money left in the pot.

Carol Kirkwood was disappointed she will no longer be given champagne breakfasts at Ascot and Wimbledon and wondered if she will get a final day out at the boat race. Declan Curry, another boat race fan who toured the whole of Britain while following the power boat race was resigned to the fact he would have to stay in the studio from now on. Mike Bushell was unavailable for comment as he was out playing rounder's in Peru at the fee payers expense.

Dimwits Sian Williams and Bill Turnbull were available for comment but refused to say anything until the Autocue was turned back on.

Virgins, Richard Branston Pickle is said to be interested in making an offer, only if it made all its staff redundant.

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