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Astronauts are to go on strike at midnight

Last night Astronauts announced that they are to go on strike at midnight, Mars time.

Buzz, spokesperson for the Astronauts Union (AU) said "It seems like light-years we have been in discussion with management at Nasa" he went on to say the main areas where they cannot agree is pay and conditions, their demands are and increase in health insurance to cover ex terrestrial disease and extra cover in case of alien abduction.

Astronauts have said they will have a sit in on various space stations (as far as gravity will let them) until the dispute is resolved. US Government sources have denied there has been an increase in alien abductions and is actually reducing and is now stable at 300 astronauts a month disappearing.

Insurance companies have confirmed Nasa's premiums have increased to a realistic level to reflect the number of space craft that have been lost / stolen. They have also said the premiums would have to be adjusted if it was now to include astronauts.

Managers at Nasa have been unavailable for comment for a few weeks and inside sources have said they have been abducted too.

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