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Time travel makes you fat

Well that’s the excuse Catherine Tate is using despite David Tennant still looking like a well travelled bean pole.

Previously Ms Tate blamed the ‘Adipose’ and the anti fat pill, however most people know that was only another sci-fi story and no body believed it. Next was the lame excuse of Mr Lyle putting to much sugar in her tea.

Catherine has used many different disguises to hide her bulging waistline, including long coats and jumpers. None have been effective to date. There has also been trouble with camera men on the scenes of Dr Who, where Catty insisted on head and shoulder shots only.

Rumours about the Tardis being overweight and failing a Ministry of Transport test are untrue according to a MOT spokesman, although they did admit to testing un-laden.

Catherine Tate was unavailable for comment, but her twin sister Donna said she was unable to recall what she was going to say.
All articles on this blog are untrue and fabricated. Any similarity to persons, dead or alive, is totally fluky or is intended simply as a satire, parody or spoof.


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I dont belive it, is it true?