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Tata motors to buy Ferrari and Skoda

There are new additions to Tata's stable, with "cavallino rampante" taking pole position.

The makers of the Nano who have entered into agreement to buy Jaguar Land Rover have indicated there will be some changes to the numerous models and makes available when they acquire Ferrari and Skoda.

The famous shapes of Ferrari will stay but the engines will be replaced by the fuel efficient aluminium, 623cc two cylinder petrol engine. Land Rover will get a similar transformation but with a larger (to be developed) 900cc, three cylinder diesel engine.

Jaguar will loss all of its original models but there will be a new Jag pickup. All brands will be renamed using Tata as the prefix with the exception of Skoda who's name will disappear altogether.

The tea lady who writes the scripts for BBC Top Gear said "it's a sad day for Skoda" - ta ta

Victoria "Vicki" Butler-Henderson also expressed her sadness at the loss of some famous names, but did say there was some nice ta ta's out there.

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